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ATX Forensics is a Nationally Recognized company formed by Certified Digital Forensics Professionals. We've grown to become leaders in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Expert Testimony, Accreditation, Training, and Threat Intelligence with offices throughout Florida and Texas.

Here's our story...


A seed was planted.

The story of ATX Forensics began in 2009, when a group of friends and colleagues, attended the Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC) in Orlando, Florida. During that week, the friends—Santiago, Chris, and Ray—started discussing their dissatisfaction with corporate culture in the United States and its tendency to foster and promote high-stress, money-driven environments. Through these dialogues the idea was born to create a company that stands for something more, a company whose worth is measured in not only profit margins, but also in morals and guiding principles. The three friends decided that, in order to achieve their dream, the company should follow three principles.

  •  Take care of your people. Our people are the very foundation of our business model. ATX hires people who are motivated and passionate about their work and who possess the highest moral and ethical philosophies. We strive to give our employees more than just a job or career; we give them lifestyle they can be proud of.
  •  Take care of your customers. Serving our customers is ATX’s primary function and only purpose. In our experience, as both employers and customers, we are baffled by the way customers are treated by many companies. Our customers determine our very success, and, without them, we would not be here today.
  •  Have fun while doing 1 and 2. Efficiency, effectiveness, and ethical practices are not mutually exclusive from having fun. By making sure that we are having fun while doing work we can take pride in, we alleviate the problems that plague so many companies. Focus on 1 and 2 and the bottom line will never be an issue.

It was at this 2009 conference that the seed was planted. Due to various uncertainties, doubts, and other complications, however, the idea started to seem like a distant dream.


The seed started to sprout.

Five years later, in 2014, one of the friends volunteered for an early retirement package, left his previous employer, and moved to Austin, Texas (ATX—thus, the inspiration for the company’s name). The other two decided that they, too, were ready to embark on their next adventures. During this transition, the seed started to sprout and the group known as the ¡Three Amigos! was finally ready to make the dream come true.


ATX starts to bloom.

In February 2015, ATX Forensics began operations with the goal to create a work environment that is so enriching that employees and customers will never want to work with another company again. ATX Forensics’ guiding principles are simple, straightforward, and tested from over 50 years of combined forensics experience. As a company, we believe that focusing on what is right and doing what is right will take care of the rest. We refuse to focus solely on the bottom line or lose sight of our founding principles. Our strength to operate today is a combination of our experience, our perspectives, and a philosophy based on principles and caring.

Fun fact: Our telephone number symbolizes the story behind our company

Licensed Texas P.I. # A19826

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