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Current and past events continue to illustrate the fallacy of security efficacy through signature-based tactical intelligence feeds. Filling your defensive measures with feeds and blocking actions does nothing to deduce, detect, or deter threats. Instead, the strategy heightens the volume of alerts and increases the burden of sifting and analysis, while swelling the costs and response times to threats that are discovered. The asymmetric nature of threats demands equally asymmetric responses. ATX can assist you in understanding how to craft an adaptive and effective Threat Intelligence program by assisting you in understanding and classifying the raw intelligence of your own network, building contextual support for the threats you do see, and anticipating and preventing threats before they occur. ATX can even extend your team with an analyst who will leverage his or her expertise to perform these actions on your behalf. Regardless, you need to take action. Contact ATX today

Threat Intelligence Training

Threat Intelligence services are critical for organizations to stay on top of threats and the risks they represent. Threat Intelligence is the art of understanding yourself and your enemy to better protect yourself by knowing your assets and how they interact with the Internet, while arming yourself with knowledge of the enemy's tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Threat Intelligence also includes an understanding of how to collect and apply raw intelligence. Chunks of domain names, IP Addresses, and hash valued can be of very little value—adversaries adjust these indicators constantly. Incorporating this understanding into your Threat Intelligence program allows you to focus data collection and analysis efforts, employing the knowledge of your own network—your “home field advantage”—and your adversary's TTPs to deduce, detect, and the deter their threats.

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